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Welcome to the new site!

I’ve been working hard to get my WordPress site in shape.  I like this new theme and I finally figured out how to make my own modifications.  I installed MAMP so I could work locally, making getting to all the files much easier and allowing me stress-free time to mess around without anyone seeing it.  I am also slowly learning CSS by playing around using “Inspect Element”, changing things and watching what happens.  For those who don’t know – if you are on a website you can right click on any element and choose “Inspect Element” from the drop down menu, this will bring up the code at the bottom of the page, also helpfully showing you the Rules to the right.


Anyways, I will be adding the old post archives (particularly the New Zealand 2009 travelogue) and both old and new portfolios of work.  There will also be an archive of old events so you can scroll through and see what I have been up to the past few years.  More work to do, but I wanted to get this up so that you can see the “On Foot: Brooklyn” project and portfolios.


Feel free to contact me!