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Wanaka to Queenstown to Te Anau

I lucked out at the hostel in Wanaka called Wanaka Bakpaka. I paid for a bed in three-bed share room and had it all to myself. Took a shower (I do that still, just not every day!). Exhausted, I hung out in the common area just a little bit, waiting for my hair to dry. Wrote a post that erased itself, due to lack of disk space. Bugger. Too tired to work on pictures or do anything else, I turned in early-ish. Still slept in until 9, despite my alarm clock going off at 7am. I guess I am just one of those people that can really sleep, if given the chance. I like to think of it as a talent. 9-10 hours is nothing for me.

You already heard from me at Queenstown. Bought some stuff then hung out in a YHA chatting online with Rick, Kerry, and John Campo. Got a lovely long e-mail from Kirill in response to the card I sent him. I found a cool card with a painting of an old Maori chief with face tattoos and a bowler hat. I was waiting until Te Papa in Wellington to find something for Kirill, hoping there would be ones of the Maori wood carvings. No luck on that, but the Maori Chief was cool enough.

My car has been occasionally flicking on the “Check Engine” light but it hasn’t lasted long. Until today. It came on and as I continued to drive, nervously looking at it every few seconds, it refused to go back out. I pulled over on a remote stretch of highway and did the best thing I could think of. I texted Berger. He called back immediately but I missed the call because I was standing in the middle of the road taking pictures. Such a good (and useful) friend, he talked me through what to check. Oil is fine. Coolant, well I couldn’t tell. The full and low lines didn’t have any corresponding level next to them, that I could see. After getting off the phone, I opened the coolant reservoir and it was about to overflow it was so full. Back on the road again, the light stayed (mostly) off. I am now safely in Te Anau, eating some pasta.

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