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Craig Shepard’s Trumpet City: Park Avenue – Summer Streets 2014

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Craig Shepard’s Trumpet City: Park Avenue – Summer Streets 2014

Craig Shepard’s Trumpet City: Park Avenue will be performed with 91 trumpets lining Park Avenue from 45th street to 72nd street on August 2nd, 2014 at 11:30am.  I am very excited for this performance!  I made a short video with my iPad of the last performance along the Aare River in Bern, Switzerland last summer which you can watch at Craig’s Trumpet City site.

The Bern performance was such a wonderful experience.  I jumped into the icy cold river and treaded water while the fast-flowing river carried me past the mostly hidden trumpets on the banks.  For one hour, the river and its inhabitants had a soundtrack – the trees and bushes seeming to emit moans and hums.  The droning long notes punctuated by the call-and-response of short melodies pinging back and forth over my head cast me into a dreamlike state, sharpening all my senses.

The cavernous channel of Park Avenue is close enough in spirit to a river to seem effortlessly natural as the next step in the Trumpet City series.  Yet also so starkly different.  Closed to cars for Summer Streets, a river of bodies will appear – quieter and more absorbent in the deep groove through the skyscrapers.  I can only imagine what all those trumpets will sound like – I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

Here are some photos taken earlier today at the press conference for Summer Streets:

Preparing to perform part of the piece with Phil Rodriguez, Cyril Bodnar, Eric Biondo and Steph Richards.


On August 2nd the performers will be spaced evenly (about a block apart from each other) along Park Avenue – for the press conference today these performers played variously around Park Avenue near 51st street.

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  1. thank you, thank you for an unforgettable moment on august 2nd!
    your wonderful composition coïncided with the saxophone player, inaugurating my show of 7 sculptures on the median of park avenue, new york. from our perspective, your music and paul’s sensitive reaction to it, made it magic! all using air, your 91 trumpets, the saxophone and my metal sculptures became an entity.
    ewerdt hilgemann

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