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To my two nervous mothers

I was tramping in Abel Tasman for three days.  Off the grid, I most definitely did not carry my laptop.  Hurriedly working on next post, hold your horses!  You guys are so spoiled with this instant communication thing.  I am halfway around the world!  You would be lucky to hear from me every few weeks!  Just kidding.  Love you guys and I am fine.


  1. What, so you couldn’t have pre-warned us? You set up the expectations.

    And I was thinking later today that it’s pretty poor manners to beg for attention (as well as talk about being depressed and homesick) and then just drop off the, on-line, earth. Bwahahahaha (< -- evil laugh)

    Glad to hear you managed to get off the grid for a while.

    Kisses & hugs.

  2. hahaha. I thought about all that after I posted my joking response to you and mom. I don’t have access to internet whenever I want it, and as much as I love you guys, I’m not keeping this journal to help you stop worrying. No expectations!

  3. Too late – the expectations are there – mostly for just enjoying the journey along with you. We missed you at dinner(s) this weekend at Mom & Dad’s – and decided it is now Kerry’s job to simply send us a daily e-mail “Still Alive” so we know you are well. Anyhow, just know, we enjoy your updates.

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