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Still in Dunedin

This town is starting to feel like a home. Stayed the night with a lovely Kiwi couple in Dunedin. Ate some dinner than sat around watching murder mysteries on TV. Felt like home! My surfboard is almost ready, so I will be going to pick it up soon. Spent much of yesterday at St. Clair beach watching the waves and multitudes of surfers bobbing around out there. Second Beach looked really great, you can walk out around a cliff to watch the waves come in from the side. Great view to watch surfers, too. I went into water at the main beach with my wetsuit on and played in the waves. Tried a little bodysurfing, not entirely successful but really fun nonetheless. It’s Easter holiday here and everything shuts down from Good Friday until tomorrow. Today maybe half the shops are open….Very quiet around here.

I have posted my car for selling online. And bought a ticket to fly from Auckland to Syndey on April 28th. So once I get my board, I am back on the road heading north. I hope to squeeze in one more day at Raglan. I will just have to cross my fingers that there is some good surf on whatever day I pass through. I really loved that town. Then if I get to Auckland with any amount of time left before my flight to Sydney, I will go hang out in Piha. See Bobbie and Julia and surf some until I leave.

Met a guy named Martin who told me about a good place to stay in Sydney. The Maize. RIght near the train station, too.

Ok I need coffee and breakfast. The day is beautiful and sunny again – I am hoping a surf shop is open where I can rent a board. Off to check it out.


  1. Great to have you back. You even sound rested. Hope you got your visa also. Also hope the lovely ladies at Piha have your small package. Happy surfing. Love, Mom

  2. Back in the water?

    Great pics and narrative from the Milford Track. Hope the board repairs met your expectations! Dad

  3. I miss Beth!

    Hey buddy – glad to have another post to read. I went to dentist Dr Mason yesterday and Arellis was asking about you. I told her that you’ve been posting wonderful pictures for us 🙂 Glad you found a place to chill that feels like home – but don’t get too comfy! I want you to come back to NY! I MISS YOU!


  4. just thinking about you today

    Hope you’re getting some good surfing in before you head to Sydney. Are you taking the board with you to Australia? I can hardly believe how quickly the time has gone since you left! We love you lots, Kerry

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