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“Skaters” at Anthology Film Archives in NYC on March 21st @ 8:15pm

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“Skaters” at Anthology Film Archives in NYC on March 21st @ 8:15pm

Skaters” will be playing as part of the NewFilmmakers Shorts program at Anthology Film Archives in New York City.  The short film (4 minutes) was created by Beth O’Brien featuring an excerpt of the piece “André” composed and performed by Craig Shepard.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 @ 8:15 pm

NewFilmmakers New York Series

Anthology Film Archives
32 2nd Ave
New York City, NY

“Skaters” is an experimental short video created from collaging and animating documentary photographs of young skaters.  Drawing on ideas of musical orchestration, each photograph was treated as a note or beat, each sequence of one skater as a melody or rhythm.  These elements were then woven together in many different variations creating a complex composition similar to counterpoint.  The resulting video, reminiscent of trick photography, both highlights the filmic illusion of motion and ease of manipulation of reality while conversely touching on a human truth: learning is a repetitive and failure-laden process, and our commonality of experience far overshadows any incidental individual differences.  It is also, simply, an ode to the joy of movement and friendship.

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