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Shameless bid for attention

Mom and Kate, I know you guys are out there.  Anyone else lurking around?  After a month of almost daily long-ass posts, I have the feeling I lost my readership.  I don’t blame ya.  Ok, partly I am feeling homesick and a tiny bit isolated out here on the South Island where everything (except the towns) seems much larger.  And I am curious who these shouts in the electro-dark are reaching….get excited guys!  The post on dolphins is NEXT!!!


  1. blogggggggg

    We talked about Beth for a half an hour last night around Tim’s birthday table! Didn’t you hear us? Smile. Love, Tom. (PS email follows).

  2. Dad is lurking

    To Beth, the “lurkee”—- been reading them all, great stories. Keep them coming!

  3. We’re here!

    Sorry to be postless….I have been greatly enjoying your posts! You do such a wonderful job of making me feel I’m right there with you. I’ll be more in touch!

  4. oops

    That last post was your sister, Kerry. Didn’t mean to be totally anonymous!

    PS. Ha ha. I love that this asks “to confirm you are a human.”

  5. So popular

    Looks like you have quite a following. Quite a readership. I’m one of ’em. I’ve read every one of your entries. My bedtime reading. Its getting me through the NYC winter working malaise. Bring on the dolphin photos.


  6. don’t stop (till you get enough)

    Bethers! I’m reading! Just need to catch up since I didn’t have time to read while in Barcelona last week… keep postin, girl. I love it!


  7. I’m here! (and you’re there)

    Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! I guess I had no idea my presence was such a vital part to this (but it makes me feel good) and so I took the weekend off, you know to catch up with my own life. Please, don’t let my slackness alter your daily/minutely updates. They are something I look forward to each day and sometimes put off reading just to save them for a moment when I really need a break, like now.

  8. Re: oops

    I had no idea what you meant by this and then I just had it happen to me. Apparently by recognizing the words “uppermost” and “Ed” I am pleased to annouce I have passed as human.

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