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Ready to Go

It’s almost midnight and I am sitting on my little couch in an almost emptied room. I still think I am bringing too much, but I don’t want to leave anything behind. The biggest difference from my last trips is all the communications equipment I have. Little laptop, cell phone, iPod. All three not necessary but also helpful in a way I don’t want to give up. I wasn’t going to take a cell phone and personally don’t think its necessary. But it will be very useful while trying to both buy and sell a car which I will be doing the beginning and the end of my trip. It’s not too much extra weight to carry to ease that process. I have been wavering a lot on the iPod too. I am not even sure I will be able to charge it, though I know New Zealanders have technology too and I could figure that one out there. I am mainly bringing it to listen to Ajahn Brahm podcasts about Buddhism and other assorted speaker talks that may help soothe the lonely hours. Mental health is important. I also am envisioning plugging it into a cassette player with my cassette adapter (also bringing that!) and blasting some good tunes while driving down gorgeous backcountry roads. Eh, the possibility of that is worth a few extra cords and junk to carry.

I have been very nervous, excited, mind-racing, stomach-turning, palms sweating all day. I don’t think I truly believed this whole time that I would actually do this. Sort of like a plan you always talk about doing but don’t really think you will ever do. Well, here it is. I have thrown my hat over the fence. Time to go retrieve it. Don’t know where that parable comes from, but I keep thinking about it. I got the ticket on a whim, without thinking about it too deeply so that I would then be forced to plan and organize for the trip. There _is_ turning back now, but how stupid would that be? Sounds amazing. Now I just have to show up to the airport and sit around for 27 hours while I am ferried across the world. Not so hard, right?

Here it is, my life in bags for the next 77 days:


  1. I heard the birds sing for the first time this year at sunup. May you have lots of peace, love and sun on your adventure. Just lying in the sun should cure that cold. Love, PLOB

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