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This morning as I was cooking the bowl of oatmeal, yet agan, a man washing his dishes noticed and said, “Oh! You’re having porridge! Good day for it”. Every day is a good day for porridge in my world. The last of the maple syrup spilled yesterday, sadly.

My life has become all about the organization of my things in plastic bags. I am finally getting the hang of bringing what I need when I need it. There is a lot of ferrying things back and forth from the car – where everything is kept secure in the boot. When I texted Gavin a few days back and ended with, time for food! He responded that I should have a “boot luck”.

I could (and am at the moment) live in board shorts. Made from a soft, quick-drying lightweight material they are SO comfortable. I realized yesterday they are basically Jams. Remember Jams? In elementary school I had so many pairs, that was all I wore. My Mom would buy material and sew ones for me. Maybe I have begun another Jams phase…

Why doesn’t America have more hostels and a better low-budget travelling system? Europe and New Zealand and I suspect other parts of the world are so good with hostels and campsites. For around $5-10 you can pitch a tent and then make use of a communal kitchen stocked with plates and pots and pans, clean showers and bathrooms. The only reason I could think of was that a focus on a capitalist marketplace didn’t make room for ideas about shared space and living. And accomodations that aren’t focused solely on profit. It’s just a different mindset I think. It would probably be much more difficult and lonely to travel across the U.S. the way I am traveling in New Zealand now. Not as many opportunities to meet people over self-made breakfast or the internet lounge.

Last night’s sleep was way better with the extra pad! I must find one similar to carry with me. I really love being in my tent. It’s big enough that I don’t feel claustrophobic. I can hear the wind, ocean, birds and the breeze. If it rains, I wake up, but I don’t mind. The tent protects me from insects, that people in the cabins have to deal with. I especially like having a little space to myself to sleep. No other people shuffling around or trying to figure out if we should ignore each other or make friends. I feel totally at ease and relaxed when I am in there.


  1. Haha, my mom totally sewed me Jams too!

    I travelled across the US once, alone. I had a Jeep Cherokee and all my shit packed in it, and I travelled from Colorado to San Fran to LA to Tuscon to Houston to East Lansing to Ithaca and back to Houston. It was fun and crazy but not cheap. I did stay in some state parks when in between friends’ couches. It took a lot of planning and some nights in motels because there seemed no other option. Your New Zealand trip sounds much more fun.

  2. Tent living sounds great except for the ground, and it looks like you may have that problem solved. I only got Dad to camp once, and then he said ‘never again’. I will never know if I might have been a camper! Love, PLOB

  3. you still have time! you will be happy to know i survived the kayaking experience. The water was a foot deep at best! hahaha.

  4. i’m pretty sure jams were board shorts. or were intentionally styled as them.

    the reason the US doesn’t have that stuff is capitalism. i’m sure there are other factors, but i think it can be boiled down to lack of socialistic cultural practices in general.

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