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Out of order: Abel Tasman to Punakaiki and a little past. Photos.

Somewhere along beginning of drive, peaks of mountains far off:

Man I love those green hills with cloud shadows:

See what I mean?

Tauranga Beach, sometimes good surf. Not today:

But there were ridiculous amounts of mussels there:

As the sun was setting on the way to Punkaiki:

The wild, wild west coast:

At the pancake rocks, on the drive south the next day:

The chimney pot. Below and to the right when waves crash in, they send steam and sometimes water up through this hole:

The blowhole. Same sort of deal but much bigger.

This is one of the good west coast surf spots, but not today. Imagine catching waves off the pancake rocks. Pretty cool:

Don’t let these nice lined-up waves fool you. It got messy and weird around the corner.

Before the action:

After the surge:

What do you see?

Farther along the road. Suddenly, for some reason, I got thirsty:

The sun is doing something intense right here:

The Maori name for New Zealand is Aotearoa, which means “Land of the Long White Cloud.” I think I found that cloud:

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