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On Foot: Brooklyn at Spectrum – Saturday May 24th @7pm

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On Foot: Brooklyn at Spectrum – Saturday May 24th @7pm

Craig Shepard and Beth O’Brien will be doing their 45 minute performance with projected video, live music, playback of field recordings and reading from text.

121 Ludlow Street
New York, NY
Saturday May 24th


Come experience this very cool loft performance space on the Lower East side.
From the Spectrum site:

“Spectrum’s mission is to foster innovation and virtuosity in the arts.

Spectrum is a technology-intensive site for innovative music, multimedia and art.  We have comfortable furniture and a Steinway D piano that has been carefully maintained since it was purchased new in 2010.  We have a professional, 5.1-surround system as well as a more-advanced, ExFi (extreme fidelity) sound system with components designed and built by our Chief Science Officer Lawrence de Martin.  As of April 2014, we also have a decent gallery space for displaying art.”