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Milford Track post on day three is coming….

The third day is turning into a monster post. Finally posted all the pictures to Flickr. Just working on linking them to the blog. Hope to have it up tonight sometime. All this computer work is getting in the way of my sightseeing!

I haven’t done all that much since I got back from the Milford Track. Mostly resting. I spent the first two days recovering in Te Anau. Sitting at the Sandfly Cafe, nursing my sore calves and shoulders. Then spent one more night at Bob and Maxines before heading to Dunedin. Despite my desire to stay in one place a little while, I am actually now sitting in my third hostel in three days in Dunedin. Ah well. The first one just wasn’t great. The second one was really very cool, made out of an old hospital. But it was YHA and I am a BBH member, so I moved a street over to the BBH. Cheaper. And just as nice, in fact.

Picked up my board from the shop and passed it onto a shaper named Rod Rust today. He said he could get started fixing it right away. The shop wasn’t going to be able to start on it until after the holiday (Queen’s Birthday). So not til Wednesday. I found out there is a Jazz and Blues Festival in Christchurch starting this weekend. And a Tom Waits tribute night next Tuesday! It would be awesome to go to that. So, if everything works out I should pick up my board in Port Chalmers on the way north to Christchurch in time for the show. We will see. I do want a chance to surf in Dunedin, though, too. Guess I can’t do everything. Still have a lot to see around here. Like go out to the Otaga Peninsula.

The weather has been very cold and rainy. Making me very sleepy and uninspired to go anywhere. So lots of sitting around in coffeeshops in this town as well. The sun is out today, though. Things are looking up. Off to the museum for me, I think. And tomorrow I think I will head out to the Peninsula to see the seals, penguins, dolphins, sea lions etc. And hopefully get to sleep in my tent again.

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