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Incheon (or Seoul) Airport

I just used US Dollars to buy a coffee and cookie and it felt weird. So the first flight, 11 hours is done. Now comes the hard part, the 14 hour flight. I really shouldn’t be drinking coffee, but oh well. New York time right now is 5:30am. So I suppose I could try to just stay up all day (night for me), arrive feeling crazy at 8:40pm in New York. But that would mean staying awake for 14 hours on a plane. Ugh.

I had a quick Korean meal in a restaurant in the airport. That’s is for my Korean experience on this particular trip. Maybe I should come back some day. But there are a lot of places higher on my list – for now, anyways.

The book is keeping me company. It’s a bit soap-opera-y – a bit like indulging in gossip. An easy read, absorbing and epic. The perfect long plane ride book. I am crossing my fingers that the flight to New York is like the flight FROM New York. I had three seats to myself! I am not that superstitious, but I might have just jinxed myself (knock on wood).

I wonder if I will suffer from culture shock returning to New York? I was thinking about jet lag as I walked over to Gate 7. I want to look into that more, it seems like an interesting phenomenon. Obviously related to circadian rhthyms and changes in sleep schedule, but I wonder what else. Our bodies clearly weren’t designed to travel such vast distances over such short time and I bet there are lots of things going on biologically when we do this. We are far more sensitive to our environment and relation to it than most people recognize, I think – I am interested in all those things we seem to know in a non per-frontal cortex kind of way.


  1. Welcome home!

    About now you should be dragging your board into your apartment. Great to have you back after a spectacular trip. Thanks for all of the fascinating posts! Love, Dad

  2. Re: Welcome home!

    Thanks! Yes, home again. Board in tact (and Korean Air didn’t charge me!)! It is midnight in New York, 10am on my internal clock. I think I am sufficiently tired to make going to bed now work. I will give it all I’ve got.
    Thanks so much for the ticket, Dad! Keep racking up those Frequent Flyer Miles!

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