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  1. My last unfulfilled dream is to live in an Airstream trailer. The “campervan at Black Sands Lodge” is pretty close. What a fantastic adventure to travel along with you. The blog is great. Thanks!

  2. sweet camper van

    Can’t get much farther
    Yet feeling so close to you
    Intimate Journal

    Love reading the entries, love that you’ve met some people to share the experience with, love descriptions of surfing (makes me want to try it). Hope it keeps going so smoothly. Don’t get too tied to Piha – there is so much to see on the South Island! Can’t wait to read more!

  3. haven’t yet, though i have seen a mosquito or too around. I think it’s probably cool enough at night that they don’t come out. Also my sunscreen has insect repellent, so that may be helping.

  4. Re: sweet camper van

    nice haiku! i read some of those you guys made for me right before I left. i found the booklet while cleaning out my room for a (hopefully) subletter. you should try surfing, it’s such a great experience. Even when you don’t get up, you get to paddle out, duck under waves, get thrashed around, climb back up on board, get outside where you can just bob up and over waves before they crash, sit on your board watching the horizon, figuring out how waves form and move and break. so much to experience – its just nice getting out in the water.

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