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Franz Josef and a little sadness

Photos first:

Franz Josef glacier is the white streak in the background:

and closer:

The walk back towards the car on the gravel bed:

It seems I have accidentally erased about 75 photos from the totally amazing drive past Lake Hawea. Rrrrr. I know enough about computers to know they are still on the drive, I just don’t know how to find them. Berger to the rescue again, I hope. Off to bed for me. It is 1 degree outside. Good thing I bought that new sleeping bag. I am in the tent tonight. Got some time in the morning to go shop for food and drop my car off at the Mobil to have a mechanic look at it. Catching the bus at 1pm in downtown Te Anau. I will be back in contact April 4th. I will put a quick I’m ok and back from the tramp post up when I return. If you don’t hear from me. Um, well. Call the DOC at Te Anau and ask them what to do. I’ll be fine (famous last words?)

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