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Ready to Go

It’s almost midnight and I am sitting on my little couch in an almost emptied room. I still think I am bringing too much, but I don’t want to leave anything behind. The biggest difference from my last trips is all the communications equipment I have. Little laptop, cell phone, iPod. All three not necessary but also helpful in a way I don’t want to give up.

February 15

Almost everything I need to do before the trip is crossed off my list. I left computer issues until the end. The sound on my little laptop still isn’t working. The good news is I have learned a lot about installing programs in Linux.

You may be wondering – what am I packing?

I have always liked the idea of living with less. Packing for this trip was a good exercise in “what do I really need?” I wanted this pack to ideally be something I could live out of for years if I needed to. Paring down is an interesting process. Here is what I ended up with (more or less – little things keep being added and subtracted as my departure date gets closer).