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Breakfast in Opoutere and the sun has come out

So I’ve taken this opportunity to bring everything out into the sun that needs a little drying. And that is a good portion of my clothing. I took the tent down and laid the rain fly out on the grass to dry. The wetsuit from my car is lying beside it. Slowly I have been gathering my clothing which has been hanging from hooks around the hostel and bringing it out to the clothes lines. If I was ever to build a hostel, I would make sure to put hooks everywhere, just like they have done here. It’s a supremely important tool for the camper. I took my muddy boots out from under one of the awnings, washed them off with the hose and placed them out in the sun as well. I kind of enjoy the ritual morning preparations. Before I began all of this I sat down out back for a bowl of cereal, apple and a cup of tea.

I keep hearing the most amazing birdsong here. Such a variety, and some that seem very strange to me. The hum of cicadas is picking up again. A very summery sound – I welcome it.

The man of the Washington Couple, whose names I never got, stopped me in the outdoor corridor to let me know they have leftover food that they would like me to have. He told me to enjoy the rest of my adventure and it was good to see me out doing this. I’ve already encountered numerous instances of this kind of un-selfconscious sharing of food between travelers. It’s really a wonderful thing. I wish I had fit in time to go shellfish hunting. I wanted to cook up a big pot for whoever wanted some. Maybe I will have another opportunity at another stop along the way.

Barry told me last night about another visitor here, an 84 year old woman. She has been coming to this hostel for over 40 years. Her mother donated the first stainless-steel counter top for the kitchen. Apparently this hostel is struggling financially and there is talk of closing it down. Normally the more financially sound YHAs subsidize the less profitable ones. It would be such a shame if this place was shut down. If anyone is coming through this way I would HIGHLY recommend stopping by here. It’s certainly one of my favorite places so far. I would come back again in a heartbeat if I had the chance.


  1. places to stay

    Even before you got to the point of encouraging others to stay there I began thinking I hope you are keeping track of the places you’ve been and stayed (with names, addresses, contact information) because I’d like to at least pretend that I’ll follow in your footsteps one day. Love, Kate.

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