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Te Anau

Last night my little travel clock said it got down to 34degrees F, that’s almost 0degreesC, which is what my sleeping bag is rated for! I woke up to visible breath and a layer of frost on the picnic table. The bag held up well, glad I got it. A few things to do before I catch my ride to the Milford Track. Right now just getting some eggs and coffee at the Sandfly Cafe. Thankfully there are no sandflies around here. I’ve had quite enough of those little guys. Charging my extra camera battery. Obviously playing on the internet. Chatting with Omar right now. Gotta pick up some groceries across the street, though I already have a decent amount of food to bring along. My pack feels heavy again, even though it’s minus the tent. More food this time. And I will just stop and eat any time the pack feels heavy. That should help. That reminds me, gotta stop by the pharmacy for blister care as well. Three hours to go! But I want another coffee….


  1. that’s the NEw Zealand I remember

    Some of your pics (particularly of the pancake rocks) looked so similar to some of the ones we have from our honeymoon. Ah… nostalgia. Sounds like you are enjoying it as much as we are. I remember the same thing – can’t take eyes off road, too much beauty, cool nature stuff EVERYWHERE. Very cool. Hope the tramping doesn’t take too much outta ya. Talk to you on the other end.


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