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“On Foot: Brooklyn” Photo Book is out!

Beth O’Brien and Craig Shepard are pleased to announce the release of their book of photography and writing about the “On Foot: Brooklyn” project.  This limited edited hardcover book contains 46 of O’Brien’s photographs and seven essays by Shepard.

During “On Foot: Brooklyn” (February 21 to May 21, 2012), Shepard traveled solely on foot in New York City.  Each week he composed a new piece of music and wrote it down.  Each Sunday he led a silent, cell-phone free walk from Greenpoint, Brooklyn to a different outdoor, public space in Brooklyn and performed the piece at 1pm.  He then walked back home.

Beth O’Brien accompanied him every Sunday on bike, photographing along the routes he walked, which covered much of Brooklyn. Her images capture moments of quiet and solitude within a colorful and sometimes crumbling landscape – conveying a sense of vastness and diversity that may surprise those who have not traversed Brooklyn on foot themselves. Often with only traces of the inhabitants, these poetic photos conjure a Brooklyn far removed from the throngs of commuters and tourists that populate the American mythology of New York City. Many of the images are of places that have already disappeared, a mere three years later. They also serve as historical records of a thin slice of time in the life of a rapidly changing city.

Shepard writes on a range of topics related to the project including: silence, sound, listening, public performance on the street, long-distance walking, silent walks in groups, our sense of space and geography, and grief. Each of O’Brien’s photographic series in the book consist of photos taken during the project.  The photographs complement the ideas and emotional tone of the writing while conveying a sense of the Brooklyn landscape Shepard encountered on foot.

Published by Blank Foot Press, Wandelweiser Series #4
64p, 9×10 inches, Linen-bound hardcover with 46 color photographs
Limited Edition of 250 | Available May 29, 2015 | ISBN: 978-3-940192-05-9
First 100 are signed and numbered

Contact me if you’d like one –  beth at this website.