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To my two nervous mothers

I was tramping in Abel Tasman for three days.  Off the grid, I most definitely did not carry my laptop.  Hurriedly working on next post, hold your horses!  You guys are so spoiled with this instant communication thing.  I am halfway around the world!  You would be lucky to hear from me every few weeks!  Just kidding.  Love you guys and I am fine.

Picton – Dolphins

I woke up in the eight-bed female dorm to the sound of my alarm going off at 6:45am. I was cold and cranky and there was rain on the windows. I was told to call the Dolphin Tour at 7am to make sure the trip wasn’t cancelled due to weather. Part of me hoped it was cancelled so I could go back to bed. Nope, still on, the boat leaving at 8am. I had to pack up all my stuff quietly, store it in the car, grab my wetsuit and get down to the boat by 7:30am. Luckily it was …

Shameless bid for attention

Mom and Kate, I know you guys are out there.  Anyone else lurking around?  After a month of almost daily long-ass posts, I have the feeling I lost my readership.  I don’t blame ya.  Ok, partly I am feeling homesick and a tiny bit isolated out here on the South Island where everything (except the towns) seems much larger.  And I am curious who these shouts in the electro-dark are reaching….get excited guys!  The post on dolphins is NEXT!!!

Wellington and Te Papa Museum

On the streets of downtown Wellington: After Roland and I disembarked from the train from Plimmerton to Wellington, our first mission was coffee. To Cuba Street! Haven of lefty, punk rock sensibility and superb coffee. The revolution must be caffeinated, and no crap coffee for us! Midnight Espresso: It’s not just the yuppies who know how to make a sweet cup of joe: Hanging on the wall in the back was this very familiar sculpture. You don’t have to be a pinko these days to appreciate this message: Off to the Te Papa Museum – the national museum of New …


Dropped Roland off to get his rental car and took myself and my car over to the Interislander Ferry. Beautiful three hour ride. I napped briefly in the middle of Cook Strait on the floor next to a window. So so tired lately. There are probably many reasons for this. One, undoubtedly, is that with all this moving around and lack of routine I have been very bad about taking my antidepressants on time. I’ve never taken any medication for depression before now, and I have been on them for about a year and a half. I finally gave in …