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About the On Foot: Brooklyn Project


On Foot : Brooklyn Project

Craig Shepard’s On Foot: Brooklyn lasted from February 21 to May 21, 2012. During those thirteen weeks he traveled exclusively on foot in New York City.  Each week he composed a new piece, wrote it down and performed it on Sunday at 1 p.m. in a different Brooklyn location. The walks to and from the performance were silent, cell-phone free and open to anyone who wanted to participate. The performances were all in a public outdoor space.

Beth O’Brien attended each walk on bicycle, following the route to photograph both the walkers and the spaces they passed through. She also photographed each performance, placing the camera on a locked-off tripod and collecting thousands of images with a shutter release cable. These images were later sequenced to create slow, still-photo progression videos.

On Foot : Brooklyn Book

In 2015, O’Brien and Shepard released a book of photography and essays about the project.  The limited edited hardcover book contains 46 of O’Brien’s photographs and seven essays by Shepard.

The book is available for $50, plus shipping and handling. Please write to me at beth at bethobrien dot com to request one.

On Foot : Brooklyn CD

Craig Shepard went into the studio to record his compositions from On Foot: Brooklyn, and released a CD on Edition Wandelweiser Records, distributed by ertswhile in the USA.  For the book and CD, the total is $55.  For the book, CD and Shepard’s scores from the project the total is $75. Plus shipping and handling.

On Foot : Brooklyn Performance

Shepard and O’Brien collaborated on a 45 minute performance that includes projection of O’Brien’s videos, performance of Shepard’s compositions on various instruments, playback of field recordings from outdoor spaces in Brooklyn and reading from text about the project.  They went on a one week tour in the northeast USA in March of 2014 stopping at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Willimantic Records, Cornell University and Middlebury College.  They’ve also done the performance for at Kunstraum Düsseldorf  in Germany, as part of John P. Hastings‘ “Sound Series Brooklyn”, Dan Joseph‘s Musical Ecologies Series in Park Slope, at WORD Bookstore in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, at The Center for New Music in San Francisco and Wesleyan University.

On Foot : Brooklyn Videos

You can see three of O’Brien’s silent videos that were used in the performance at these links:

Canarsie, Brooklyn 2012

Coney Island, Brooklyn 2012

Downtown Brooklyn 2012